Is charcoal powder better than bricks?

What would happen, if you put charcoal powder instead of bricks in your bbq, Would it push up the heat, or is it just unefficient?

Cuz it's really messy, I thought it would be easier to ask someone with experience.

I have put it under camping channel, and if it is more efficant than bricks, I guess It could go under the survival channel.

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frollard7 years ago
The bricks are designed to burn slowly -- the powder is presumably designed to be aerated -- blown into a furnace -- where it would burn very quickly and release a lot of heat. "vapour" or clouds of dust have very good fuel-air ratios and burn very readily.
Sometimes so readily that it is considered an explosion.
My namesake/godfather died in a grain dust explosion...I was but a wee toddler. Such a shame. The fuse had been jammed with a piece of metal to stop it blowing so often; the grain elevator jammed up top somehow, and the motor at the bottom kept spinning against the rubber scoop-belt. it eventually caught fire and as soon as the first flame came out the place was levelled. Moral of the story? Use briquettes.
It won't work well, because you can't get enough oxygen to the powder to burn efficiently. Steve