Is feedback compulsory for a pmdc motor controller?

I am designing a controller circuit(pwm based) to control a 36V,12A pmdc motor to be used in an electric cycle.  As i won't have any load changing situation, is it essential to have a tachogenerator feedback or is it fine to just have a current limiting algorithm?  Please help me out , am stuck with this for a long time..

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A limiting systems an excellent idea.
elec_freak (author) 5 years ago
But would i need a current control system? For controlling torque. Or just a limiting system is enough?
elec_freak (author) 5 years ago
Thank you all.... :)
iceng5 years ago
No more feedback then a drivers foot on a car speed ( actually power )

No,you don't need feedback, but you need to feed the motor with a low impedance supply, so that the variable load doesn't make the speed droop too much.
rickharris5 years ago