Is a good site?

I was just wondering if anyone here has ordered from before. I read many reviews and some said it was horrible while others said it was great. I already made a small order of almost $20, will it come or not because some people said their stuff didn't even come. Please just tell me what you think of it, thanks for your help!

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RaymondN52 years ago

I made an order, it took a couple weeks before I emailed asking about the status; they told me they might not have some of the parts, it took a couple more weeks to get them to send the shipment without the missing parts. If I hadn't bothered them I wouldn't have received any information about my order. No tracking number on the shipment. All in all it took over six weeks to get my components. I don't question the legitimacy or low prices, but I might be willing to may more to get better service.

callmeshane6 years ago

Yeah I kind of wanted to give them a go - made an order - but because of their very poor site mapping, I then opened a page in another tab, to create the account, and then went ahead and finished the order, only to find that I the system did not feed into it's self.

One issue.

I soon forgot my passwood - which firefox didn't register that was the second issue.

They have NO phone number in Australia, which is the third issue.


Theres is NO passoword retrieval on the site, and the "Webmaster's" email address does not work.....

They DO NOT respond to emails to help, about clearing up all the afore mentioned issues.....

Like 4 or 5 emails over a week or so...

NOT ONE REPLY, acknowledgement, solution, NOTHING.

Poor service would be an understatement.
I did a test order from futurlec for about $50 (bunch of micro relays and dip switches), and just received it today, nicely packed. It took almost 3 weeks, but considering their prices and selection, it's still a good deal. It appears that is a legitimate online store.
16zzundel57 years ago
 I have ordered from them many times..... they are amazing, great quality, and I am just now trying out their PCB service.
My mother always said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. I'm not sure how loud I can not say anything!!!!! and that allows someone else to be ripped off.

I ordered
They took $
I never got anythingthing.

Waiting to hear about a refund through VISA

That's being as nice as I can.
Re-design8 years ago
No way to tell until it either comes or it don't. Most of the time a higher percentage of unhappy customers write reviews since it feels like the are getting back at the company that jyped them. Decide when you think the order should arrive, add a couple of days for delays and then forget about it until that day gets here. "Worrying about it until then won't help and there are enough things that you can change in you life. If your order gets here by then great. If it doesn't then contact the store and find out what the problem is. If you don't get satisfaction from that leave a bad review but if you do get good service leave a good review. Good luck.