Is it OK it the power supply for a laptop gets hot, almost to hot to handle? like is this normal?

the power supply that came with my laptop(Acer) becomes hot while the computer is on and I was wondering if this is normal or not good etc. thanks.

My laptop charger usually gets too hot to handle when the laptop's battery is near empty. That is most likely just the laptop drawing near the rated current of the power supply.
famjad3 years ago
A fan is connected at the top of the processor slot so as to ensure normal temperature. Badly, if too much dust is stored in it, it starts malfunctioning. You may experience that your laptop gets hot simply because the fan fails to cool down your processor. With the help of a hardware engineer or product manuals, remove the dust stored on your processor fan.
IdealL3 years ago
If I were you, I would replace the battery. It could lead to an explosion or just fry your computer.
seandogue5 years ago
If you're playing graphically intensive games on the machine, it may be that your graphics card is the culprit. There are commercial "laptop coolers" (a thermally conductive pad wrapped ontop of a fan-cooled or fan/peltier-device-cooled aluminum substrate) available, and for those capable of diy, you could make one yourself.
Joe Martin5 years ago
Yeah, Most times the case is that the smaller the power pack the hotter. My eee one get roasting hot lol
nfarrow5 years ago
You also may want to check your battery in some cases the power supply is getting hot do to continues powering to change a died battery.
gmxx5 years ago
It is normal for a power supply to become hot. However, if the power supply is getting to the point where it is almost too hot to handle, it is most likely shorting or malfunctioning. I had an HP power supply that did the same thing... eventually the wires near the plug started sparking, near my leg... that was not a good day.