Is it hard to build a gamecube portable?

Me and my friend  want to make a GameCube portable. We would like to know the things we would need to know to build this. Whats the level of difficulty? How much money would we need to spend? Please give us all the details you can. Thanks. 

Krayzi992 years ago
Well, if you're advanced, it's pretty easy. If your a sort of in-the-middle (like me) it's fairly easy. If you have had absolutely no experience in electronics and soldering, not a chance for it. I'm working on one right now, actually. my recomendation is either a custom case with wii-key fusion, or a ps1 slim case for disc. i'm torn right now as to the drive system...
oh, and as for money, what all do you have already? do you already have the cube, screen, and whatevs?
BDubs2 years ago
use wiikey
WhatULive42 years ago
The biggest issue with the gamecube is the size of the disc drive. Thankfully, the wii drive is compatible. If you want to make it even more compact you can use the wiikey (similar to a modchip) and bypass the drive completely. You would have to load backups of your games onto a memory card to play them. You could also load your whole library onto one drive and take every game with you. As far as cost, it will be pretty much the same as any other portable + wiikey (if that is what you want to do).  People who make these types of portables sell them for a lot of money $500+.  Most of this cost is because of labor.  Also, the chances of making a mistake and frying a component is pretty high especially if you haven't made a portable before.

Check out

These sites will have a lot of information from people who have done these types of mods before.
Kiteman2 years ago
Have you seen this instructable?
PortableMaker (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Yeah i saw that instructable, but its not very specific when it comes to The gamecube.
canucksgirl2 years ago
Try this video on YouTube. Its part 1, so you'll have to look to the right column on YouTube for the remaining parts of the tutorial.