Is it legal to paint nerf guns? i read somewhere that it wasn't, just wanna make sure.

Read this report before proceeding.
spizman (author)  JamesRPatrick2 years ago
Thanks for the advice; I'd rather not get shot, so I'll follow it. And if you red the report, THAT is exactly why I asked.
modded2 years ago
If you're in Britain, you'll be fine. Worst case scenario you get tasered. In America, you might get shot though. So use your nerf guns on the street of Britain, in America, don't go out of the house with it.
CameronSS2 years ago
If it's EVER going to be seen in public, leave the bright orange tip, that tells people that you're holding a toy gun and not a real gun. If you want to paint the whole thing, go right ahead, just don't ever put yourself in a situation where you could be seen as holding a real gun.
So...what happens if someone disguises their real gun with a bright orange tip?
Dear Unknown,

Are you aware of the fashion of modifying real guns in the Hello Kitty style?
Oh wow...not until now, no....
Then it's a gun, and they are bound by whatever gun laws pertain to their location.
orksecurity2 years ago
Ask your local police; this is one of those things where the town, county, and state may all have laws on the books and those laws may not agree. Always consult the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Legal or not, toy guns are now made in bright colors for good reasons. There have been some incidents where people carrying real-looking toy guns had real guns pointed back at them. (I don't know whether any kids have actually gotten shot, but I wouldn't be surprised; nervous police have sometimes shot people who were holding something that, in better light, couldn't possibly have been confused with a gun.) Painting the gun risks recreating that risk.

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