Is it legal to to use the same product key on your new computer if you old one is dead?

Hi, I have killed my old computer and have pulled the HDD and put it in a enclosure and recoverd the files I need. Anyway I want to format this drive and use it as an exturnal. So what I am asking is that if I build a new computer, can I download the iso image for the same operating system for my old computer, and then use the product key from my old dead computer to activate my new computersoperating system? Is it legal to use the same product key twice if the other computer is never ever going to run again?


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Vyger5 years ago
Some versions are tied to the computer/motherboard. Microsoft gives the company big discounts for a one use license. However other versions are not tied to a computer as long as it is only running on one. Unless of course its a multi licensee version.

If you have a legit product key and its only on one computer then I wouldn't worry about it.
David97 (author)  Vyger5 years ago
So basicley some product keys are designed to olny be used once and can olny be used once and then there not valid. And others can be used muliple times as long as they are one computer at one given time. Is there a way to tell if my product key can be used multiple times without installing windows?
If the copy was from a boxed system like a Dell or HP then the product key won't work with another system. It is registered to a specific hardware configuration. If you have a full license or OEM license then there is a limit to how many times that license can be used with the stipulation that its only registered to 1 computer at a time. They don't want you running a single license on more then one machine at a time.

BTW you kid of need to install windows before you can register it. Kind of pointless to register a copy of windows and not have it installed on a machine. But i get what your saying. You want to register an pirated copy of windows using your key. That will work only if its the same version of windows (i.e. your key is for a 63 bit version of win 7 home premium and so is the pirated copy). You can't use a Home Premium key on an Ultimate install.
HaroldRamirez5 months ago

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bwrussell5 years ago
Every product license is different but regardless of that if I have something installed in only one place at a time I couldn't care less what the license says. My personal belief is that if you've paid for one copy then you get one copy, regardless of where it's installed and if the EULA disagrees then that company is evil and greedy. That being said I've reformatted and reinstalled my wife's copy of Win 7 6-7 times and it's registered fine each time with the same code. The latest time was on a brand new SDD.
FoolishSage5 years ago
To be sure you need to check the terms and conditions of the particular software but generally speaking windows will allow up to 10 installations with 1 key (less if it is OEM, times) if I recall correctly.