Is it legal to transport an air rifle over the USA/Canada border?

I have a .22 Gamo Shadow Express break-barrel air rifle with a 3-12x50 scope and i would like know if it is legal to transport it across the USA Canada border.

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ve2vfd8 years ago
If the air rifle has a muzzle velocity of more than 500 fps, it is considered a firearm in Canada and you will need a firearms acquisition license, and go thru the firearms importation procedures (which are a pain).

On the other hand, if it's less than 500fps, it's not considered a firearm and you can simply declare it as a purchase while going across the border.

Have a look at: for more details.

Of particular interest:

Other barreled weapons, such as pellet guns, may be considered as non-restricted or restricted firearms if they meet the legal definition of a firearm and have a muzzle velocity of more than 152.4 metres (500 ft.) per second. Owners of such firearms have to meet all import, licence, registration and authorization requirements for non-restricted or restricted firearms.

If the muzzle velocity of a weapon is 152.4 metres (500 ft.) per second or less, the weapon may still, technically, be a firearm. However, owners of such weapons do not need a firearms licence, the weapons do not have to be registered, and owners do not need an authorization to transport such a weapon for importation purposes.

masterofsniping92 (author)  ve2vfd8 years ago
Thanks for the information, however unfortunate it may be. I'll check the link for a more in-depth description. You have the best answer.
FlyboyB16 months ago

OK so we seem to have determined that a normal pellet or BB gun can be brought from the US into Canada but what about the other way around? I want to drive into and through the US with my Crosman pump. Can I? I understand I should be cautious in some states.

This is another sight the RCMP Canadian Firearms Center.
I want buy a crosman air rifle.
Can u send me in Pakistan?
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
ship it part by part?