Is it possible and if so how to use svp hddv 2300 digital camera as an mp3?

I have a svp hddv 2300 digital camera and was wondering if i could use it as an mp3 player?

steve-lane (author) 6 years ago
I dont have the manual so i dont know if you can or not if someone finds the manual please post the link
verence6 years ago
Just take the manual and read it.

If it does mention MP3 - great.

If not - well, get a high school degree, go to university, get degrees in electronics and computer science, get the necessary tools and software to reverse engineer the camera, develop some new software, flash it into the camera (at this time you'll have found a way to do it) and voilá, after some time of trouble shooting, you're done. - Or just go to the next store and buy a MP3 player.
lemonie6 years ago

Why or what are you thinking about here?
You're asking if something that isn't an mp3 player can be made into one. You might as well ask if you can do this with a radio, calculator, USB stick etc...