Is it possible my mother board or power supply is bad or dying?

I have a computer that was having a lot of problems so I tried to reinstall windows XP.  Due to several problems I pulled the HD and installed it in a external case and formatted the drive and reinstalled it.  tried to load windows again but it took over a day for the files to copy over.  I thought it was a bad HD so I put in a new HD and had the same problem. However once it was installed the video resolution could not be adjusted.  I thought this was a problem with my reinstall disk so I overwrote everything with Ubuntu and had the same slow loading.  Now Ubuntu starts to load but then it takes a very long time to boot and then everything moves slowly (for example I move the mouse and about 15 seconds later the screen registers the change).  any ideas as to what is happening?

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lemonie6 years ago

It's not the mother board or power supply.

Are you running the machine off an external USB drive?

shantinath1000 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
internal IDE drive (only drive in the machine) - the boot sequence is IDE drive / usb, then floppy disk then HD. I made a longer reply to Vyger- that has additional info.

Thanks, seems (I don't really know), I don't think I can help.

Vyger6 years ago
How are the hard drives hooked up? SATA, IDE or USB.? If they are going through the on board hard drive controller then it is possible that is going bad. A way around this is to use an add on card for the drive controller. Its also a way to test and see if this is the problem. A PCI to serial ATA and /or IDE card would be my first diagnosis procedure to test.
If its moving slow in no matter what the OS then its almost certainly hardware. I use a Knoppix boot DVD to test systems. If it boots from the DVD it tells you the hardware is ok.
If its connected by USB then the USB could be going bad and defaulting to USB 1 which is really slow especially for file transfers.
Its possible the BUS speed of the board has been changed to something that is not correct. This controls how fast the memory and processor work. You can check that in the BIOS settings. Go through the BIOS very carefully and check each setting. You might want to write them down, then try changing them to an optimal setting or a factory default setting, Most BIOS have both options.
Its also possible that you have something over heating, that will cause erratic errors and strange behavior.
shantinath1000 (author)  Vyger6 years ago
The hard drive is an IDE drive (the machine is an older dell optiplex 270) that is connected directly to the board. I have not checked the BUS speed but will do so now that you have suggested it. I actually had trouble loading Ubuntu from the DVD player and ended up loading it through a USB flash drive. interestingly enough, when the machine first starts and goes through its' own diagnostics before the OS loads it seems to go along as fast as it ever did.
It's sounding more like the drive controller. There is a separate chip on the board that does this job, usually it says Winbond on it. I have had boards where this has happened, its not an uncommon thing. Anyway here is a PCI to both Sata and one IDE (which can take 2 drives) . This even supports RAID and its only 10 bucks.