Is it possible to add an ON/OFF switch to a USB cable?

In order to switch USB connection ON or OFF as required without unplugging the cable from the PC or device.

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lemonie8 years ago
If you had a multi-pole switch I'm sure it would work in exactly the same way as unplugging it. I've got some from an old stereo  (source suggestion)

Just adding; you'll need one with at least 5.
Yes, but I'm able to reach it to unplug...

I don't see why not.  It's not unusual to have USB peripherals like printers or DVD writers that have separate power sources.  They can be shut off without unplugging the USB cable.  Just use a SPST switch on the +5 V wire.
gmxx8 years ago
what are you trying to connect on the cable?

if you took a dpdt switch, you could turn on/off the power or data lines. it depends on the device on which one you would want to switch
Not sure, my suspicion is that you'd have to be very careful to isolate the A and B lines, then Vcc in that sequence, or you'll break the bus.