Is it possible to bind volume controls to a keyboard that doesn't have default volume control buttons?

And if so, how?
I just bought a keyboard that doesn't have any preset volume control keys, could i somehow bind the volume control function to two keys i don't ever use?

Grathio7 years ago
Look into AutoHotkey.  It will let you set up advanced macros to connect just about any key combination to just about any action, including system volume.

I can't find one that does -exactly- what you want, but here are a couple 'ibles that should help:

- How to use Autohotkey
- Use Autohotkey to control volume with the mouse

Re-design7 years ago
If you're talking about a musical keyboard and not a computer keyboard, then the answer is most probably, no.  They are digital and actually use a switch instead of a pot to change the vol.  The start up vol. is set in the rom.  There might be a setup menu that would allow you to preset your start up vol.

It is a drag to have to reset the vol. every time you turn the darn thing on.
Sanclous (author)  Re-design7 years ago
oh ya i meant a computer keyboard, sorry should've have been clear in my question!