Is it possible to build a 5 ft tall rocket?

With the fuel being Powdered sugar, KNO3, gunpowder?

mikeasaurus8 months ago

It's possible, but the difficultly of launch scales with size - so keep that in mind.

Also, while it might seem appealing to make your own rocket engines, it's far easier (and probably cheaper) to buy hobby rocket engines. Commercial model rocket engines have an array of thrust and performance types, and cover a very wide range of use types. This is covered at the beginning of the Model Rockets Lesson.

Be safe, and have fun!

AdrianH458 months ago

Something important to keep in mind if you are building a large rocket is that you can run into a couple of issues. If your rocket diameter is very small compared to it's length you can run into stability issues. If you are going to be building large propellant grains yourself it is also probably a good idea to look into joining the Tripoli rocketry association (TRA) as they have many members who build their own rocket motors. If you want to buy large commercial motors, you will likely need to join either the NAR (National Association of Rocketry) or TRA and become certified by flying smaller rockets at sanctioned launch sites. I would also recommend going to the TRA and NAR websites to find rocketry clubs near you, as the people at these clubs have a wealth of knowledge about rockets and are usually happy to help people get into the hobby.