Is it possible to connect HDMI output from laptop to normal AV input of TV?

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canucksgirl5 years ago
HDMI is a digital interface and AV is analog so without an electronic conversion device between the two I don't believe its possible. If your laptop has a VGA card and connector for use with an external monitor you can get a cable like this and it'll work.

Although there are plenty of HDMI to RCA or component converters available. (Such as this one)
Yup. The OP needs a converter (like that) if they want the HDMI route.
BTW, what does OP stand for? Original poster? I can figure out what you mean from the context, but I'm just curious what the exact phrase is, ;)
You got it. ;) (Original poster = forum slang)
Thanks! :)
No problem. ;)
No, the interface is NOT compatible.
There are converters available, however, without a converter, you are correct.
For some reason I assumed the OP wanted to wire it directly. Of course, as you say, there are converters.
Maybe you are correct, in which case it can't be done. :)