Is it possible to connect a VGA cable to the LCD wires in a laptop?

I have a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6965 with a cracked screen.  I have a desktop computer that is getting on in years and I would like re-purpose this laptop into a desktop.

I currently use two monitors with this desktop and would like to continue this setup.  Is it possible to identify what wires do what on the LCD of the laptops monitor, then wire that into a VGA or DVI cable and make it work with one of these monitors?

Thanks for any and all insight!

I counted the number of pins in the current monitor's harness that plugs into the laptop, there are 25 pins.  Hope this helps!

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lemonie6 years ago
The display-driver hardware is on the laptop mainboard, the LCD screen is just that - it's not a monitor.

iceng6 years ago
The frame of your laptop must have a monitor output that is separate from your LCD.

DaBuh (author)  iceng6 years ago
It does but I was looking to have two monitors not just one.
Thank you for the reply :)
iceng DaBuh6 years ago
Use a monitor splitter cable. unless you want different displays which
would require a second display pcb driver.

Fypsigon6 years ago
....I think he wants to use the laptop instead of the desktop and wants to connect a 2nd monitor to the laptop (besides the one he can connect to the vga outlet)