Is it possible to convert a AC water pump to wind generator?

 I have recently salvaged a 2kW AC water pump and I was wondering if it is possible to use it for wind generator.
 The pump uses 3 phase AC (well there are 3 leads, so I guess it's 3 phase)

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BlackSky5 years ago
The answer is YES. You can convert the water bump to an electrical generator and then attach the what ever wind turbine or blades to generate electricity from wind.
You need first to remove the bump turbine that attached to the motor. Then you need to open the motor and exchange the rotor with a magnets rotor. since the original rotor is a solid steel. You have to know first how many winding poles there as a stator and then you be able to know how many magnets you need to use in the rotor and also you will know what size of magnets is needed. Check youtube, there are many videos abut converting a motor to a generator. Hope this helps. hint: try to make the gap between the magnets in the rotor and the stator winding as small as you can.
ARJOON6 years ago
just attach pvc blades which are easy to make and connect it to you power supply. and you get a big 2kw wind generator
No you don't. Read up on synchronous generation before you post !
how can it be. the author of question says a 3 phase ac 2kw motor.

i guess that if he connect a 3 phase power supply with proper voltage to the motor with blades attached to it, he can produce about about 1.4-1.8KW of kinetic energy(as wind) or even more.

someone posting any question may look stupid, if someone do not post any he stays stupid(read it from a forum LOLOL)
username2526 years ago
The way I see it, anything is possible if you try! Try researching how wind turbines work and you might find an idea. Best of luck, and post it up if you make it!
It may or may not be three phase, but it won't work at all, unless you can spin it slightly faster than it spun originally - that's harder to do than the electrical side.

from my coworker, I thought this was funny:

*by attaching fan blades to the shaft, and supplying power, this will generate wind.