Is it possible to copy/transfer an App from an Ipod touch to another?

I want Tris (Tetris copy) for my ipod touch but this app is no longer avaible in aplle store because tetris have a copyright for this game. My father have it on his ipod because he download it long time before me, so i want to take it from his ipod and put it on mine! Thanks

7danimal48 years ago
popolar1 year ago

Of course, it's possible. You can use mobile transfer tool to copy/transfer an app from an iPod touch to another.

granjef38 years ago
sync your ipod with your fathers computer-or whatever computer he syncs his ipod with then sync your apps then your will have tris. or jailbreak your ipod and get a tetris game from cydia or installer, or get gpsphone after you jailbroke your ipod thenget a tetris rom. those are all the ways i can think of
Patented (author)  granjef38 years ago
Thanks you! I will try so sync my ipod on his computer!