Is it possible to create a branching path instructable?

Since I do a tutorial supporting Windows mac and Linux, I would love to have a branching path solution within insctructables.
This to separate out the steps per operating system.

Is that in some form possible?

I came up with named anchors so far, to jump to the correct section within a step.

The draft I got so far

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Vyger3 years ago

As far as I know the instructables editor is pretty linear. it's just step by step so there is no branching off from that. In order to do what you want you would need to make 3 separate instructables. The intro and first few pages could be the same and then go from there with each being taylored to the OS.

JM19993 years ago

Use the anchors in the relevant steps so when the reader clicks their operating system they will get pointed to the correct step.

FriedZombie (author)  JM19993 years ago

Well that works only so far, because I noticed different behavior in how the instructables are displayed based on the length of the steps

If you have short steps within your tutorial, step 1 trough 4 are clustered together on one page, and are traversable by the named anchors. However steps 5 and up do have there own URL so from then on out it would be possible to link ../../step5/whatever but not anymore with anchors

The whatever part must be present, but the system really doesn't care what is written though.

But then the user has some input in the display as well, collating all the steps on one page. Thus linking the ../../step5/whatever for example would change there current view mode. (could be a bit confusing)

The other issue with linking ../../step5/whatever would be that it would break the pdf somewhat

What is clustered together at the beginning also depends on how lengthy the steps are. If you have a ridiculous long intro for exampe, all the pages including intro get there own page, not reachable with anchor at all. (or the user must opt himself to view all steps on one page

Cool, glad you figured it out!

FriedZombie (author)  JM19993 years ago

Yeah well, not entirely happy with splitting the different OS's though. I would have loved a good way to link to the next step within the instructable.

Would you still have a common collection?

I'll take it as if you said no here:

Make four collections, title the first one Format a usb stick to whatever and have links to the three operating systems from the main hub.

Basically you would have a four-part 'ible where the first one links to the other three.

FriedZombie (author)  JM19993 years ago

No I go make them into 3 different entities:

The reason for that is that, I do get away with the formatting part, but the other step (that isn't made yet). Would be an issue to make that into a separate insctuctable

Also I feel that people might get confused by jumping instructables to that way. (tried that on a family member with some drafts)

Still a good idea on paper though ;), thanks for the great input

That's totally fine, glad I could help!

FriedZombie (author) 3 years ago

Ok I will go with 3 instructables then

iceng3 years ago

Lots of people have done ibles instructing you to skip a step thereby a branch or GOTO another path based on your decision.