Is it possible to create an instrument that interfear with TV antenna or satellite Dish ?

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Kiteman8 years ago
Possible? Yes. Legal? No.
omnibot Kiteman8 years ago
Moah ha ha ha ha ah ha!
fwjs288 years ago
its an idea tho...
omnibot fwjs288 years ago
Yes it is .. I replied to the wrong answer. Sry
fwjs28 omnibot8 years ago
omnibot8 years ago
Well .. I've noticed that if you can generate enough voltage to produce a spark and get that spark to discharge in a reflektor that interfears quite heavily with television and sattelites .. especially the digital signals. I suggest a sparkcoil from a car, a battery, a sparkgap and a lid to a wok.
fwjs288 years ago
a tv-b-gone?