Is it possible to cut Lexan polycarbonate sheet with a glass cutter?


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caarntedd7 years ago
Everything as seandogue says, but put the blade backwards in the circular saw. Also support the material properly. If possible clamp between sheets of ply as close to the cut as possible to stop vibrations that could cause cracking.
Hubiewan7 years ago
I've heard the plywood saw blade works even better if mounted backwards.  Try it on a piece of scrap?
seandogue7 years ago
Not really. My best suggestion would be to use a newer blade in a table saw or circular saw, and adjust the blade so that in only penetrates the sheet with a millimeter or two of overcut. And cut slowly. I've scored and snapped it before, but I've also lost a few pieces that way and have given over to cutting with a saw and sharp blade to conserve material, lower my losses, and reduce waste. It's rather frustrating when you're on a budget and you waste a relatively costly sheet of 1/4" lexan by doing it the "?easy?" way, knowing that eventually, at least some of that material will end up in a landfill because I was being lazy..
Also, if you run a strip of masking tape along your cut line, it greatly reduces chipping and splintering (if there's no factory-applied paper backing already, that is).
Burf seandogue7 years ago
I use a plywood cutting blade in my table saw for straight cuts and an acrylic cutting blade in my jig saw for curves.
Not really, score it with a blade, a glass cutter doesn't work when I tried it. The score should remove material, not displace it.