Is it possible to duplicate a SIM card?

I want to be able to use my cell phone like a home phone; you know, like keep one upstairs by the bed and one downstairs when I'm in the kitchen. I have a ton of minutes that I don't use, I never seem to have my phone with me when I'm wandering around the house, and I've disconnected the landline. What do y'all do in these cases?

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Yup, you can do it. Well it can be done, but there are a couple issues. Issue #1: The two phones won't work at the same time. Depending on the services and the models of the phones (and their settings), you may have to turn one off in order to use the other. Other quirky issues pop up sometimes with ringing and text messaging. However, don't let issue #1 deter you... these problems happen but they are not the norm. Issue #2: Your phone company is NOT going to like it... and the use of more than one copy of a SIM might even be illegal in your area. If you are caught doing this, it's pretty much guaranteed they'll cut your service and if they can they will also press charges. So how does copy a SIM? Buy a SIM reader for your computer (USB) and a spare card, or a SIM backup tool/duplicator and a spare card. These are available all over the internet, including These things are not usually illegal in themselves as they do have legitimate uses (backing up the SIM's data for one)... but make sure you can actually import it before buying. After you get the tools, follow some simple included instructions and you're done. Put your SIMs in their phones and test it out. If none of the problems from #1 occur, you should be fine.

where can i buy the tool like sim cloner or reader?

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Hey, thanks, GuardianFox! I truly appreciate your kind and thoughtful response. Also, I'm grateful for your clarity. My intention isn't to abuse my cell phone account in any way, illegal or otherwise. As I said, only so I can access an extra phone around the house. I'm the only one who would use it (and only one at a However, I do appreciate lemonie and others for caring. ; )
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here i'm sharing old method of cloning sim card It doesn't work today for educational purpose only

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But YES YOU CAN HAVE to simcards in different phones

ColtonM151 year ago

If You Are Able To Talk To Your Phone Company About Inserting A Simard In A Unlocked Phone They Most Likely Don't Lock The Simard So Therefore you can have two Phones To Use But You Just Cant Run Them At The Same Time IT Might Cancel The Service Between You Phone Company And They Wont be happy and charge you a fine .

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The products sold for cloning a SIM don't work on modern SIMs. They still sell them, but it's a big waste of time to get them to work. Your best solution would be to get a Bluetooth gateway device. I use an Xlink that i got for $30 at ebay. Plug your wireless base into the gateway and leave your phone close to it. Then all your wireless phones will ring whenever you get a call, and you can call out on any one of them. The voice quality is better than your cell phone, and I find a regular phone more comfortable to use. If you don't already have a wireless home phone system, you can buy new ones that have Bluetooth built in. My phone charging station is next to the Xlink, and my habit is to place the phone on the charger every time I come home. I also keep my car keys in the same place to help me remember to pick up my phone when I leave. I plug both into a battery back up system that is also a surge suppressor. That way the phones work even during power outages. I have been using this system for a few years now, and it works very well. The only problem I had was a weak signal to the cell phone in the place I first installed. I moved it to where it picks up a strong signal, and no problems since.

hogey745 years ago
Hey good question and thanks to peeps for their answers. I love that Instructables came up as the first hit for my Google search too.

My phone sucks as a wireless hotspot but a cheap huawei 3g tablet I have works well. My account comes with a few gigs a month of data and my carrier is the only one that works well out here. My beef is that getting an extra account for the tablet is crazy expensive - like $40 for 1gig! Just a con. My SIM works fine in the tablet but the phone cover feels like it's about to break every time I take it off to swap devices (Samsung Galaxy S2). My phone company would love to sell me an extra account but I think it's reasonable for me to have a second SIM to save playing musical SIMs every day at home. I wouldn't be wanting or trying to run both devices at once so I don't care what they think!
to be honest with you, the answer is NO
capital NO
because sim are created to be just one so that it will be easy to locate.
AlbLeader7 years ago
that is possible but your question it will better : how it will be possible
beackmaniax8 years ago
Guardian Fox is right, you can duplicate you sim. And with the correct hack you can use at the same time both sims (but only to listen the same conversation). You could Google search for cel phreaking (but I warn you that in some countries it is illegal). This is only a comment.
Not that it directly relates but you can get your service provider to dupe the sim for you, the thing is you will need to call them to activate the new sim. I went in to a t mobile retail store and told the guy my phone was having problems reading the sim and I wanted to make a back up in case it gave up the ghost, 2 minuets latter I'm walking out with my new free sim with all my contacts preloaded. Well the old one is still working and the backup lives in my wallet in case I ever kill my phone while traveling.
Your best solution would be a bluetooth cordless handset system. Basically you connect your bluetooth enabled phone to a base station and then you can put the corresponding cordless phones around your house and they'll ring when your cell phone rings. This link from Best Buy explains it and there is a link at the bottom of that page to check some systems out:
I want one, so I can have an iPhone and an unlocked phone at the same time :) Perfect for reviewers!
irvalm8 years ago
My wife sometimes forgets to take her cellphone with her when she leaves the house so maybe just having another cellphone that stays in her car all the time with the duplicate SIM is the answer.
RedFlash irvalm8 years ago
Way to attract a break in... (never leave valuable stuff in the car)
Lor (author)  irvalm8 years ago
hey yeah, irvalm, good idea. one for the car, too!
dilandou8 years ago
Even if you replicated the SIM card to have two of them, you certainly couldn't have both operating at the same time. They'd be fighting for supremacy on the network. A solution to your problem, to be somewhat frank and blunt, is to put your phone in your pocket. ;)
Lor (author)  dilandou8 years ago
You be frank, and I'll be earnest, Dilandou. I can only use one phone at a time, anyway. How would that work? Your solution would work great if only I had pockets all the time. That would be nice.
lemonie8 years ago
Cell phones were created to be carried with you so that you're not tied to hard wiring. The easy solution is to take it with you. Cloning the phone is going to be tricky - how would the network handle two identical phones in the same cell? A BlueTooth device might work for you? L