Is it possible to extend the life of my xbox 360 controller by replacing the 2 AA batteries with 1 9v battery?

I know i would need a regulator. Also, if this is possible please provide me with a list of other parts. THANKS!

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A thing about batteries (and power supplies...): If you hook them up in series, you add to the voltage that you get - so the controller uses 2 1.5V batteries, and gets 3V. If you hook batteries (AAs are cells, technically) up in parallel, they'll provide a higher amount of amperage, and also amp-hours, the capacity measure of a cell. Unlike higher voltage, which would overwhelm the device, amperage is drawn from the power supply, not pushed, so if you have say, 3 AAs in parallel, running into another 3 AAs in parallel, it's still just 3V, but instead of say, 1000 mAh per cell for a total of 2000 mAh, you'd have 6000 mAh.

But... when you start to go big with this, you have to start looking at whether one cell is draining faster than others, as it can damage it and even be dangerous if you have enough in your system - you want them to all be in the exact same condition so they all behave the same way at the same time. It'd also make the controller really bulky unless you want to run a power cord to a battery pack - and then, why not just use a USB controller? :p
ben_xman6 years ago
Just a note for ya, 9V means it has a higher rate of flow than say AA's (which are 1.5V), not capacitance. Higher voltage means higher drain, not duration.

BUT, I was actually thinking of doing something else that would do the same thing (which is how I came upon this because I was looking to see if it would work). If you keep the voltage on the controllers the same (3V) but increase the capatinance you can then increase the length of the batteries! How? Well, AA's, AAA's, C's, and D's all run on 1.5V each. So why not just switch them to a bigger battery? This is the reason why the controllers use AA's, not AAA's (too small capacitence) or C's (just too dang big). AA's are kinda the goldie-locks zone of batteries.

So I have the idea of replacing two C batteries for the two AA batteries. Now note that I have already made a mod on my controller that removed the motors for another purpose. Adding these batteries will make it uber heavy! May post an instructable for this.......
I like this. Maybe put the C cells into a belt clip... haha.
venom15396 years ago
Non-wireless controller. I have one and it works fine.
a918bmxr7 years ago
dude... just use rechargeable AAs. i got 4 of the for 6 $ at walmart in the photo section... or get a play and charge kit..
frollard8 years ago
extend the life? not really. The 360 controller uses about 3 volts (2 cells). The 9v would be overkill, and without a fancy switching power supply converter, you'd be burning off 6 of those volts to let it operate properly. Look into getting rechargable lithium AA's - they cost more, but have very high energy density (last longer) and charge quickly.