Is it possible to have a reversed go-kart?

What I mean is to have front wheel drive & rear wheel steering, as oppose to front wheel steering & rear wheel drive. if so what benefits does it have? Would it be harder to install on a homemade go-kart? Please answer a.s.a.p.

lemonie7 years ago
This method of steering is exceptionally rare, and probably with good reason. It would help to tell us how far you've got with your machine, post some pictures / diagrams etc. Maybe create a Forum topic, as these tent to kick around longer than Answers/Questions and get more exposure.

Grathio7 years ago
Rear wheel steering will make it very easy to turn quickly, but it will be much harder to keep going straight. The steering could be come twitchy enough that going fast on a straightaway could become difficult. (Try pushing a bicycle backwards and you'll see what I mean.) This is why rear wheel steering is usually used in vehicles that move very slowly but need to be very maneuverable, like a forklift.
mbudde7 years ago
I'm pretty sure that if you have rear-wheel steering, you won't have as good of steering, and it probably would be harder to install.
msw1007 years ago
If you use a dc motor reverse is possible by switching the battery contacts around