Is it possible to hook a standard phone into a computer modem and use it as a microphone?

nrlucre8 years ago
I used to have a way of doing this when I used an old PowerBook 2400c with a PCMCIA card modem. I don't remember what the software I used was - there was a similar program (for Mac OS 7) called Mega-Phone that a friend of mine used, so I at least know it's possible. Mega-Phone allowed you to use your computer as an answering machine that way; I guess you might try searching for "answering machine" software.
sound918 years ago
I am really not sure of anyway that this could be accomplished. The only possible way would be to use a program called audacity, which can record sounds being played on the computer. This would only work if your voice is played back so you can hear it while talking.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Depends on which modem is used - check the owner's manual. Probably not possible with an external serial modem.