Is it possible to insert different types of light bulbs into the same socket?

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boosaho8 years ago
Yes you can if the base is the same however, you shouldn't because the fixture is made for a specific bulb with a specific amount of watts. You should check the fixture and it will tell you the different bulbs that can be used and what wattage for that specific bulb.
mikeasaurus8 years ago
I want to see you plug in a florescent tube into a household incandescent and make it work, I dare you.
chuckr448 years ago
Yes. If the socket fits the lightbulb base you can do it. Different lightbulbs have different bases so you don't try to put a DC lightbulb into an AC socket, and go *BOOM*.
110100101108 years ago
yes and it is sometimes a problem for example cfl / incandescent / mercury / nav-e/i all go to the same socket but cfl and incandescent work on ac and mercury / nav-e/i burn (and may explode) if connected to ac without special gear
lemonie8 years ago
Have you actually tried doing this with different types of light bulbs and the same socket? (I don't understand the question) L
benthekahn8 years ago
jtobako8 years ago
Do you mean mixing incandescent and florescent bulbs? Is there some reason that you couldn't? The house supply can't tell the difference.