Is it possible to live in my small trailer on Direct Current only?

How can I do it? I'm living off the grid with 2 deep cycle 12 volt batteries. Wouldn't my batteries last longer without converting all the time to Alternating Current? Can't I just use 12 volt accessory plug-ins? What do you think of DC vs. AC? I'd like to also start adding solar panels as I can afford to, one at a time.

Utahtabby7 years ago
the main problem with living in a camping trailer is they are not madefor long-term living in and the walls de-laminate and grow mold frommoisture from your breath, cooking, bathing, etc. House trailers haveventilation systems that change the air; but camping trailers are notmade the same way. FEMA found out the Katrina trailers grew moldwhen people lived in them full-time, besides having a lot of toxic fumesfrom old-style construction materials. If you had windows open some, anddoors opening a lot and furnace or AC running to exchange air, andvents for your bathroom and a range exhaust fan, you might be OK for afew months....but air quality really suffers during wintertime when youare closed up in a small trailer. Even snowbirds only live in theirtrailers for a few months in wintertime and that is in a hot climatewhere they can air it out during the day. Just a thought. Tabby<br /><div id="refHTML"> </div>
arnold54 (author) 7 years ago
Even though I understand the reasons, I still think it is too bad we don't have much of an option of living simply with DC electricity. Life can be so much simpler and cheaper if we have access to what we need to accomplish it. I appreciate all of your comments and please keep at it -- I'm learning so much from you and this site. Thanks!
lemonie7 years ago
You could switch the lighting to LED. Camping-grade stuff is often 12V.

brokengun7 years ago
Yeah you'll definitely have some problems finding DC replacements for a lot of everyday electronics things. Besides like heating and lighting..... it will be hard to find DC replacements. Perhaps you should consider just using 12volt dc for some stuff as to take some of the load from an inverter for AC appliances.