Is it possible to make a Single Speaker Self-Powered MP3 player amplifier, with amp powered by player's right channel?

Can you make a one speaker mp3 amp that amplifies the left channel, and drives a single speaker, and uses the right channel as the amps power source? The right channel could be rectified and smoothed, but would it be enough power to run an amplifier that amplifies the left channel and drives a small speaker. Would it work? Would it be louder than simply running left and right speakers directly off the MP3 player?

lemonie7 years ago
No this is wrong. If the player doesn't have enough power build/ buy an amp.

rickharris7 years ago
No - Not without much modification and trouble. However - Battery amp circuits abound on the internet. Look for headset amplifier.

Or just try some small speakers your MP3 player may well drive them to give a better out of ear sound. They need to be in a box to make the sound reasonable see my instructable for a way to do this on the cheap.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Using the right channel audio signal isn't going to do much for you. But you can put a DC "bias" voltage on one, or both, of the channels and use that to power an amp.