Is it possible to make a cube (with leds inside) that changes color depending on the angle its held at?

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UziMonkey8 years ago
Yes. You can get some RGB LEDs, something to diffuse the light, a microcontroller and either an accelerometer or a compass IC. It would be relatively easy.

The most newbie-friendly way to do this would be with the Arduino or perhaps a BASIC stamp. Most of what you need can be gotten at Sparkfun.
first of all this idea is not the greatest idea ever( left out cuz of be nice policy), cuz it will always be on and ur led's will burn out. second of all radioshak doesnt sell that stuff nymore. 3rd of all y dont u just use a tri-colour led or a quad colour led or a 7 coloured led ( i have them all)(mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-)
If current is properly limited (using the right resistor) LEDs will last 50000 to 100000 hours, that is MANY YEARS continuosly ON .
DIY-Guy8 years ago
Radio Shack sells (used to sell?) a tilt switch with quite a few leads off of it. Those leads can be wired in a configuration that allows a different circuit to be "ON" depending on which side of the cube is up. It is just a large ball bearing inside a tiny plastic box with two wire contacts on each side of the box. Hook up every other wire to postive, and then to negative and you're set. Pos-Neg-Pos-Neg-Pos-Neg-Pos-Neg-Pos-Neg-Pos-Neg. This way you can use one component instead of 6 switches and a mess of wires. (With all due respect to UziMonkey, no CPU is needed. But I wish I knew how to do it with a CPU anyway!}
Rob3118 years ago
I'm sure you could do something simpler. Maybe a ball bearing inside of the cube that, depending on its orientation, falls into place and completes a circuit to a certain color led. A different color on every side.