Is it possible to make a silicon sock?

Hi, all! I wanna make a adhesive cover for my feet, so I think silicon is probably a good idea. Just wonder if it's possible to do so? If yes, how? (or maybe better material than silicon?)
Thanks for all the reply!

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Adhesive cover? Then silicone is not the way to go. Wrap a your foot is masking tape with the sticky part out. Then you can peal off layers as they fill with lent. Assuming that's why you want a sticky sock.

Now there are those silicone sweepers that have all those silicone strands that capture dirt. You can glue those to a pair of socks. A good epoxy would probably be in order if you plan to wash them on a regular basis.
anisozygoptera (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
The socks will keep moving when I move I think. I think masking tape is quite good idea... ;)
I've heard of crystal slippers, but not Silicon socks. Do you mean 'silicone' ?
anisozygoptera (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Yea! Silicon (sorry of my typo)!
rickharris4 years ago
You mean a sticky cover?

Silicone isn't sticky when it has cured. Medical grade Silicone is expensive.
It would be air and water proof but your feet would sweat and the skin will get water logged causing you considerable problems.

you can maybe give us a bit more information as to why then we can make a better guess at a suitable material.

If you need water proof and removable (highly recommended) - how about a pair of swimming boots (neoprene bootees like for a wet suit)

If you need support then wide fabric medical adhesive tape is perhaps best - Breathable
anisozygoptera (author)  rickharris4 years ago
Thanks for the reply, rickharries!
I like playing badminton and squash barefoot, but my feet keep hurting due to friction (it's obvious!). So I wonder if there's anything that I can stick/wear on so that I can still play with barefoot...
Adhensive tape? Is it industrial one?