Is it possible to make an electric filter for aquarium at home?

 I had purchased an electric filter named sun-sun for my aquarium. Its not working now because of electrical leakage, i had purchased many filters previously but none worked perfectly! so i decided not buy another one.can anyone suggest me is it possible to make a filter using an electric pump at home? 

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dude262127 years ago
a sponge filter seems the simplest to make theres one here on instructables and theres a few other types of diy filters here 
lemonie7 years ago
electrical leakage?

What do you mean by this?

chandu_v (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 The winding inside the pump is not working moreover when i run it in water im getting shock.
OK that's a bit clearer. It should have been a sealed-unit, but what you've got is water-ingress? (leakage)

If you purchased it and it is "unfit for the purpose" for which you bought it, return it to the vendor (shop) and ask for a refund. You should be covered by law on this.


Bio-filters are easy, mechanical filters only slightly more involved, and UV could be a royal pain (as Re-design already alluded to). Check under Related for some workable ideas ----------->
Re-design7 years ago
Are you talking about just making a pumped filter for solids or go all the way and add UV sterilization to that?

Sunsun makes both kinds.