Is it possible to make perfectly straight cuts with a jig saw?

I recently bought a 40 breeder tank and am working on a stand. I need to make about 19 perfect straight cut on 2x4's. I do not have a circular saw or table saw and the local hardware store does not make accurate cuts. Is there a jig I can make  to make perfect cuts with a jig saw. I was thinking like a box that guides the  2x4 and holds the jig saw in place.

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caarntedd7 years ago
As others have said, if your only available power tool is a jig saw, then using hand tools is the best option. Even if you clamp the timber and use some kind of manufactured guide for your saw, a jigsaw blade has a tendency to curve and twist when cutting through thick material. Any small irregularity in the timber grain or density will move the blade as it protrudes so far without support and is very flexible. Jigsaws are meant for thin material, 2inches might be a bit too thick .
HawkinsRN7 years ago
This is good advice. I agree.
CrLz7 years ago
Go low-tech- get a miter box and saw. Leave a little bit extra and plane/sand down to perfection if you need to.

Just like cabinetry in the old days...
seandogue CrLz7 years ago
Exactly. Box saw and mitre box.
If i'm reading this all correctly, I think you could clamp on a piece of wood that is X inched away from where you cut, which would be the same distance that the jug saw blade is form the edge of the running plate.

In a simple way, it's a glorified ruler, that is clamped onto whatever you are cutting and then the jigsaw is run along side the "ruler". hope that makes sence
I've got a clamp on guide made of extruded aluminum made just for cuts like this.
aeray7 years ago
jspain7 years ago
I was a carpenter for a number of years before i decided to go back to school. In order to make some tricky uniform rips i would take a "square nut" (about 3$) and fasten it at the location on the deck of my skill saw to fix the width.... this will work for your saber saw if your deck is not super thick and your rips are generally thin.... if that doesnt work go to your local rental store and rent a skill saw for a day.... by the time you burn through all those blades and spent the time rigging something up it might actually save you money....
Burf7 years ago
You can do it as digitalbrad suggested, but I'm not sure how long the pieces are that you need to rip. And I will tell you, it is going to be a long tedious process and most likely, you're going to need a bunch of saw blades to do the job. A jig saw is not designed to rip thick lumber, they don't have the oomph and the reciprocating blade just doesn't bring enough saw teeth into play.
I've been a carpenter and a general contractor for 40 years, and I would simply never consider doing that job with a jigsaw. Contact a local lumber yard or a contractor/handyman and see if you can pay them to do it for you.