Is it possible to make your own business card? I'd like one for my tiny cleaning business.

How can i make a cool business card that still looks professional?
 I have a very small cleaning business, it's just me, my clients ask me for business cards quite often but I'm loathe to buy 500 at a time and have a boring old regular type of card.

I know the talent on instructables is endless so is there anyone out there who has a cool idea for a business card that folks will actually want to keep? I'd like colourful, average size and fits in a wallet and preferably made with household stuff. the supplies I'd like to use include acrylic paints, printer paper, glue, maybe watercolour paper, etc.

I don't have a printer :(


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lemonie6 years ago

Get it printed on a cloth - so it gets used for cleaning (e.g. spectacles)

thegeeke6 years ago
Get busniess card stock from any office supply/walmart etc. and design your own. I use a $20 program called print master for my cards, but you can also get templets for word etc.
mrsthursday (author)  thegeeke6 years ago
thanks but I wouldn't touch W*****t with a barge pole.
I understand. Walmart is the only store like that around me. You could get it from Target, Office Depot, online, etc. It is a pretty popular product.
mrsthursday (author)  thegeeke6 years ago
Thanks for the original suggestion - it's the first time in ages that I've even looked at the templates for Word.
No problem! :)
mrsthursday (author) 6 years ago
Ooops I should have mentioned my printer is on life support right now- not getting a new one 'til me birthday.

I'll keep the printer related posts in mind - has anyone got any non-printer related business card ideas??

Asking too much ?? I'm like that!
onrust6 years ago you can get your business card as a PDF file and print on your computer. But I print 1 copy and go to office depot so I can use the paper cutter!
Re-design6 years ago
But some business card stock from Staples and get as creative as you want then run some thru your printer.

Keep your business card standard size.  Cards that are not standard sized usually get tossed out first.

Consider personalized pens, ref. magnets etc.
mrsthursday (author) 6 years ago
wow. that's an excellent idea, screen print, etc. cool