Is it possible to make your own venetian blinds?

I need custom-fit blinds for about 18 windows and to pay retail for that many of them, especially since I'd like to have higher quality than your basic white PVC blinds, it's going to be well into the thousands. So I'm wondering if somebody can explain how to make your own venetian blinds. I have some skill precision cutting wood and metal, so that part wouldn't be too difficult whether I chose to use wood or aluminum, but I think I would have a problem figuring out how to create the pulley system so the blinds will not only go up and down, but also open and close.  

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Re-design7 years ago
You'll have to find a source of material thin enough to use for the blind but strong enough to hold it's shape. Better quality blinds are sometimes made of wood.

What ever your material you're going to have to be able to cut and punch it.  You will need to make an adjustable jig so that all your cuts and punches are exactly alike.  If there is any variation in the sizes they won't work correctly and they will look very bad.

Then once they're made you will probably want to put a finish on them.  Think of how much work and time it will take to paint all of those pieces.

Making one or two is a home project but making 18 of them is going to be a huge project.  It's not one that I would take on.  It's no wonder that custom blinds are so expensive.

In the end, if you finish yours you will be so experienced in making custom blinds that you might have found a new career for yourself.

jbonner26 years ago
Do you think it is possible for a person to just say "I don't know" instead of suggesting how things "might" work?
acidbass7 years ago
if it has been done using mass producing then it can be made it might be difficult but they can be made
The trick is probably going to be replicating the "string ladders" (don't know what they're actually called) that control the tilt of the slats. The up & down is the easy part, especially if you can bodge some parts from your old blinds.
My guess is that you would want to put the "ladders" onto all the slats first, and then string the up/down cords through the holes in the slats second. You can probably steal the ladders from the old blinds too, but if you're into sewing or macrame you could make your own out of more decorative materials.
You can buy the ladders and all of the other parts as repair parts if they are standard sizes.
You are so right. And a quick g00g13 indicates that the proper name is actually "String Ladders". Dang, I thought I made that up.
caarntedd7 years ago
Try and get an old blind from somewhere and take it apart. You will see that the mechanics of the system are not too difficult, especially if you have good fabrication skills.

An alternative to this would be to get old blinds and use the internal parts from these while fabricating your own slats etc. to suit your needs.  Even if you could do this for just some of your windows you could save a lot of money.

What about buying new but cheaper blinds and manufacturing your own slats, or buying smaller blinds (width) and using the internal parts, end caps, cords, etc. and fabricating the slats, bottom tube and top channel to your specs?
noahbody_ (author)  caarntedd7 years ago
That might work. I do have some old blinds sitting here. None of them fit my windows which is what got me thinking about how to solve this problem. I could cannibalize the pulleys and maybe even the string.
The possibilities are endless.