Is it possible to melt down plastics and reshape them? I heard that once melted the properties change a lot.

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BeanGolem8 years ago
This would vary largely with which type of plastic you are working. Some plastics don't really melt, they just burn. I would check into what type you are using and then look up the properties. Conversely, you could find the properties you want and then acquire some of that type. Another hurdle is heating and cooling the plastic uniformly to avoid distortion and odd behavior. If you are thinking of doing molds, you may be able to do some melting/forming processes in a kitchen oven, depending on the melting point of the plastic. Be aware that plastics used in commercial products may contain additives that behave differently the second time around and/or differently than the parent material. Make sure you've got a good source of ventilation if you plan to experiment with it. Be Safe!
aesopiankitty (author)  BeanGolem8 years ago
Thanks man. Do you know how plastic shopping bags might do?
There's an instructable on using plastic bags for molding (2 that I can remember). What shapes/molds are you trying to fill, and what properties (hard? Soft? flexible? smooth? machinable?) do you need?
aesopiankitty (author)  jtobako8 years ago
I saw the ibles. I was just wondering about the properties changing. Thanks though
Some will change due to uncontrolled melting temp (burning off plasticizers) or additives (oil or soot).
aesopiankitty (author)  jtobako8 years ago
So you think it won't work well or will.
For non-critical parts it will work fine. In plastic manufacturing plants most of the leftover or broken plastic gets ground up and put back through the machine without a problem.
aesopiankitty (author)  jtobako8 years ago
well that answers it. Thank you kindly bye