Is it possible to play MP3 files from a USB flashdrive using an arduino?

I just had a cool idea but need to know if this is possible. Can I play MP3 files from a flashdrive using only an arduino (no shields). If there is any way at all, please, give me your advice. Thanks!

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Krayzi995 years ago
I don't believe anyone else understands why he is doing this. He wants to play a mp3 from arduino, am I correct? I am also interested, btw...
No. Its not got the processing power to do it natively.
Robot Lover (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
What if I used a USB host shield? Or is that strictly for peripherals?
You're still stuck, because you can't decode MP3 fast enough, even assuming you can find the algorithm and interpret it into AVR assembler.

Atmel DO make a processor with the on-board processing engine for MP3, but its a lot of hassle to do it.

It will be impossible to talk to a USB flashdrive with an Arduino too.
astroboy9075 years ago
Buy a cheap shuffle-like player (or any other player) from ebay (10-20$). Then hack out the output and all the control pins :)
Robot Lover (author)  astroboy9075 years ago
I would do this but my idea is to make a portable MP3 player that can read MP3 files from a USB drive. Not really like playing the MP3 files for a project or anything. Thanks anyway!
rickharris5 years ago
Not even easy in a raw PIC (The programming that is.) Buy a media streaming box - Some are little bigger than a flash drive anyway and may cost only £20 or so.