Is it possible to replace a damaged 19 in lcd screen with a good 17 inch lcd ?

Both are dells the 19 inch is cracked,17 inch has the flashing light syndrome but the lcd works tried it in another monitor.Pretty sure the wiring matches up but i'm not sure about the resolutions the 19 would have a higher resolution and i don't know if the 17 inch lcd would be able to run it,any input would be appreciatted.

darkangel1966 (author) 8 years ago
Got lucky a friend gave me another dead 19 inch lcd i swapped screens and voila working great and i saved the 17 inch for a spare thanks for the input everyone.
crs773858 years ago
Hey,did it work ? I was thinking about going the other way. I have a good Gateway 19" LCD screen and a 17" gateway with a broken screen. Both have the same model number, FPD 1760 & FPD 1960 except the size.
110100101108 years ago
you may be able to replace the inverter in the 17 screen with the one from the 19 screen bad inverter is often the cause for flashing light
frollard8 years ago
Right now you have 2 dead monitors. It couldn't hurt to try. One problem is the controller will 'think' a valid resolution when its not. All the connectors should be ribbon cables - if they match and fit, best of luck!