Is it possible to run windows or any other operating system on an xbox 360?

bounty10127 years ago
The original xbox was available to run linux, and there are many xbox360 laptop tutorials on the internet so with that you could probably build your own bulky laptop if you wanted to.
dla8888 years ago
How do you feel about voiding your waranty?
Goomanhimer8 years ago
well in theory if u modded ur xbox 360 u could probably run a power pc distro of linux because the xbox 360 uses 3 powerpc processors simalar to the ones used in macintoshes before 2005 so if you could moddify it to runn the operating system u would have to write drivers for the hardware so yeah
iPodGuy8 years ago
I don't know about the 360's, but I have seen some wicked mods on the regular xboxes, including custom OS's.

Chances are, there are operating systems for the 360's too. Check the forums.