Is it possible to solder airdry clay objects?

Hello, I am a beginner in jewelry making and I was wondering if it's possible to make a soldered frame around my airdry clay pendants or wrap them with coppert-tape and solder?

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Toga_Dan10 months ago

check for lead content in the solder. Ya don't want that on skin for extended time.

Look at techniques for stained glass window construction.

Sanvan (author)  Toga_Dan9 months ago

I still have it to try it on the clay objects, they are in the ptrocess of drying. But your comment about the lead content seems worth taking care what wire would you suggest for soldering jewelry items (skin contact)?


Toga_Dan Sanvan9 months ago

these days, lead free solder is required for plumbing, and 1 option in electronics. Copper is good stuff. There may be a slight electrical effect if 2 metals are used, and one sweats. I see little cages made with just wire for jewelry. Copper, silver, or stainless steel.

iceng10 months ago

Usually the metal frame is made first and the object inserted unless there is shrinkage. Yes you can wrap metal around and solder, but copper will turn green on skin. And solder will be a major different color from the Cu...

BTW what will solder heat do to Air dry clay. Any residual moisture could explode.

Sanvan (author)  iceng9 months ago

Thanks, I still have to try it on my clay objects, they are in the process of drying.

Sanvan (author) 10 months ago

Hello, thanks for anwsering my question. I often use cold porcelain, Darwi, Das etc,allow them to dry completely and then paint, embellish them.I'm thinking about wrapping these objects with copper tape and go through the procedure of soldering, no harm in trying! Well, share my experience.