Is it possible, to supply power to dc motor using a rectified step down 220v to 110v transformer?

Hello experts,
I need your help please.
I have an old Dremel hobby drill. It was rated for 110v but accidentally plugged to 220v mains and blew-up its built-in rectifier and varible speed control. The motor still works. I tried it with 12v dc power supply but it rotates very slowly.
If it is possible at all, how can I power it using a rectified step down 220v to 110v transformer.

neffk7 years ago
yes, if you a 2:1 transformer rated for 220 VAC, you can do it. Or a variac. You probably don't need a capacitor on the output of your rectifier circuit because a DC motor can handle a lot of ripple.
felixdjac (author)  neffk7 years ago
Thanks a lot for the speedy reply "neffk".
Will try it and post my result.