Is it possible to survive a fall through the center of the earth?

Okay, LOTS of supposing here. So lets suppose someone dug a hole through the center of the earth, and managed to cover up the sides of the hole with a magma resistant cover of some sort. You start out by getting one of the spacesuits from nasa and decide to jump in the hole. Would you survive? I know that a human in the open sky diving position will go about 200 km/h, and I believe a space suit can survive up to 250 degrees fahrenheit. Please tell me how you came to that conclusion because it's been killing me how to figure it out. And also please include any formulas that are used, they're good to know!

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NachoMahma7 years ago
.  The temperature of the Earth's core is estimated to be between 5000 and 7000 degrees C (Google it) - much too hot to survive.
iPodGuy7 years ago
Forgetting the unbelievable heat, wouldn't the gravity just hold you there in the center?  There wouldn't be any real falling through I don't think.
It's a pendulum.  Assume all the absurdities in creating a tunnel through the core.  As you fall toward the center, you're being accelerated, right?  So at the center (where gravity is zero, because it pulls in all directions simultaneously) you're moving really fast and zip right through.  As you rise toward the antipodes, gravity slows you down, until you come to rest at (or below, given friction/air resistance) the surface.  Then you fall back, and repeat the cycle.
That's pretty cool.
presuming there was a tunnel through the magnetic center, you would fall (presuming also a frictionless environment), at normal gravity acceleration while at the surface, keep accelerating, but the acceleration would decrease until you got past the center, at which time it you would accelerate back towards the center.  Your momentum would carry you ideally exactly to the other side of the a frictionless environment.
... and assuming the two points are equidistant from the earth's center of gravity.
indeed!  I figured it could be assumed for this frictionless, temperature proof, feasable version that the earth was a true sphere and the gravitational center went through the geometric center of the planet...

Imagine going in at sea level altitude, and popping out in death valley...   wheeeeeeeeeeee!
karnuvap7 years ago
OK - this is not an answer but an additional question. Lets assume the frictionless scenario - and you pop out at the antipodes just long enough to say hi before you fall back again like a pendulum - what I would like to know is what is the period of oscillation? - How long for one round trip and what is your maximum velocity through the centre?
42 minutes (Thank you Douglas) 18,000 MPH. Classic calculus problem.
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