Is it possible to use a leyden jar as powersource of coilgun?

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jj378 years ago
A leyden jar is used to store static electricity which is very high in volts but usually low in current. and while high voltage is good you usually want a good amount of current to go with it for coil guns. I still think in would be cool to try. Try hooking up a few small leyden jars together in parallel this should increase current, then again big is always better (sometimes).
sorwin jj378 years ago
jj37 question is leyden jar electricity d.c. curent If so can it be put to good use?
jj37 sorwin8 years ago
A Leyden jar is just static electricity but if you give static a low resistance coil it should flow at about 1000 volts that would give a large magnetic field not a more power full one but if you had a long coil gun a a huge Leyden jar it might work out. rule of thumb the more volts the bigger the field the more current the stronger the field.
mikeydubs jj378 years ago
Wouldn't a high-voltage pulse through a coil have the same effect as a small EMP? Sorta like this:
sorwin jj378 years ago
jj37 Or is leyden jar just static electricity or is it more like a capacitor charged and ready to discharge
nidobrito8 years ago
yes, but the energy stored in a leyden jar is usually small.....
and insufficient for a great coilgun
it would not be practical but it probably could be done.
Kiteman8 years ago
Potentially, yes, but you'd need a dirty great big one, far larger than any bank of normal capacitors.