Is it possible to use a pir motion sensor to activate a keystroke on a computers keyboard? If so how?

I want to be able to trigger the F1 to F8 keys on a keyboard using a motion sensor, Basically to trigger voice commands and software that controls parallel port pins. I cant figure out how this can be possible, I have pulled apart several keyboards but don't know how to send the signal of pressing a key to the pc with only a motion sensor. Doesn't have to be those security motion sensor any thing will do.. any ideas??

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iceng5 years ago
Use the PIR module to activate an optically isolated transistor
in parallel with the keyboard button you want to activate.

See the pic :)   .   .   .   A
Hello iceng!

The PS2561-2 optoisolator is a good choice?

Thanks in advanced!
iceng5 years ago
Of course you can make a little servo push a button with a 555 oscillating
a continuous Fq pulse width in response ti your PIR signal by depress a
rubber eraser onto the selected key and retract as fast as the detector
registers the end of motion....
How about doing it the other way ? You have software that controls parallel port pins. I hope it also reads parallel port pins as an input. If yes, you can monitor any one pin ( used as input pin on your parallel port) .

Now monitor the relay output by this pin & you are done ! No need to touch keyboard.
If you need any more clarification, just let me know.
Sure you can always use a micro processor................

Now your challenge is to sketch it clearly for a non-programmer Lol...

quatch5 years ago
Look up how to make an arduino or other microcontroller be a USB input device (it can pretend to be a second keyboard), they sell them with the necessary hardware to do this. Reading a PIR sensor with an arduino is easy.

PIR are generally pretty big in terms of field of view. If you're looking for a smaller input area look at capacitive sensing or NIR rangefinding (paired reflectance)