Is it possible to use a remote to "push" the elevator CALL button?

Elevator in my small building is really slow and I was wondering if there might be a way to remotely "press" the CALL button?  There's only one button per floor, a CALL button, and I was wondering if I unscrew the plate with the button on it if I might be able to splice something onto the existing wires that run to the button so, for example, I could press a button on a small keychain remote as I drive by the elevator lobby, it would remotely activate the CALL button, I could park my car and by the time I reach the elevator lobby the elevator could be sitting there waiting for me.  Anyone have any genius ideas.

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Vyger6 years ago
As a public form of transport elevators have to meet a strict code, especially since people can get killed if they malfunction. As such, tampering with them in any way is probably a criminal offense, perhaps even to be viewed as an act of terrorism. They are safety inspected regularly and often monitored with camera's . If you want to remotely activate it, use a stick to push the button.
iceng Vyger6 years ago
Ceiling hidden and mounted descending button pusher robotic device.
Like this drop down spider ( with a belly pusher ) and self wind up into
ceiling tile. My grand kids still enjoy mine in the hall..... A
iceng6 years ago
The controls at the elevatop floor is where a receiver would best be placed.
But its locked and you don't know how or you wouldn't be asking here.
David976 years ago
I asked a question once about remote control. They gave me a link to a website to buy a remote control. No use for me but you could use it. All it is is a remote control with 4 relays and 4 buttons to actavate them. To instal it I would take the plate off with the buttons in. Then I would attach cables to the ones going in and out of the switch (hopefully there is two). And connect them to the COM and the NO on the reciver of one relay. Then I would close it up again and mount the reciver in a place with good reciption.
David97 David976 years ago
I have no idea what the current to your elevator is so you may may want to check first.
orksecurity6 years ago
As others have said: Technically possible, yes. Good way to get evicted for unauthorized tampering with the building's equipment, also yes.

"Develop patience, grasshopper."
I doubt the landlord, or his insurers would be terribly happy, but it would be feasible.
You'd have to install it late at night, or very early in the morning, with the appropriate theme music of course... ;-)