Is it possible to use a transformer to step up voltage in a DC circuit?

I have two 6V solar panels connected in series that are generating electricity which I plan to use to make hydrogen but I'm wondering if I can somehow use a transformer to increase the amount of voltage being supplied.
I know a disposable camera does something similar and I have taken apart several of them before (to make sparks for potato cannons) but is there a way I can incorporate that into my own DC circuit?

Re-design7 years ago
Not easily. Besides your 12 volts will make hydrogen just fine and faster than if you use higher voltage but lower current.
Ke-Bob (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Yes I know 12 volts will work but I usually can't even get that much because it all depends on the weather. So does it help to have more current or more voltage to make hydrogen? Or both?