Is it possible to use an xbox 360 wireless adapter on a windows computer?

My friend got his internet taken away by his sadistic parents. (won't say why, its private, and he didn't do anything naughty..... no... it wasn't porn....) He has an xbox 360 wireless adapter, and wants to know if he could use it to get onto his neighbor's wifi network (not protected) We realize it will be slow, but its better than no internet! Thanks!

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can't be done, least not very easily. it would be much easier to drop the $30 for a wireless router or a wireless card to bypass the punishment.
iamtoats (author) 8 years ago
because thats no fun....
fwjs288 years ago
possibly...why doesn't he just plug the damn thing in and try it...
frollard fwjs288 years ago
I agree that it might work - its practically a windows product. To author: Why not just have your friend respect his parents wishes and not use the internet? Going against a punishment will only make whatever it is worse.
fwjs28 frollard8 years ago
i agree with the second part...