Is it possible to write a virus that allows you to look through someones webcam at them and have them not notice?

I just want to know if its possible. i dont want the code or anything. I dont wana look at women in their room or anything i just wanna know. im just curious.

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kricketone8 years ago
I keep a lens cap on my cam.
orksecurity8 years ago
Theoretically, maybe. In these days of antiviruses and firewalls, probably not in practicality. And even if you made it work, it would have to be communicating with *your* machine for you to use that tap, which would mean your fingerprints would be all over it and someone could come down on you HARD.

12th commandment: Don't Be Stupid.
When did they add that?
Right after the 11th (Don't Get Caught).
octopuscabbage (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
again, not gonna do it. just wondering. chill orky.
Re-design8 years ago
Yes it's easy to write that kind of software.  It's not a virus though.

Infact it's so easy to do I've just done it and am looking at you right now.  I'm not using your web cam though I'm using your monitor.

Why are you wearing a pink tee shirt?
octopuscabbage (author)  Re-design8 years ago
I have a web cam on this computer for starters.....and also its a blue tee shirt. OMG HOWD U CHANGE IT PINK! AHHH WHAT THE EFF DAVID BLANE
And quit pickin your nose.  You're gonna make it bleed.
haha, very funny (not)
octopuscabbage (author)  matstermind8 years ago
thank you for commenting in a conversation in a question. youve helped me a lot sir mastermind.
He'll only make it bleed if he keeps digging before he clips those dreadful fingernails.

I wonder if matstermind can mastermind something more clever than a "not" joke.  That was a hit with Bill & Ted, not so funny when my mom started using it a year later.
octopuscabbage (author)  MahavishnuMan8 years ago
^ My fingernails are super trimmed. I bite them. I HATE it. cuz i cant flat pick and have to use a pick when playing guitar.

Yeah that was a poor comeback.
I used to bite mine too, but I grew out of it as a kid.  I still keep mine pretty short though, even when I play guitar; my right hand toughened up from playing bass so much that the callouses work as well as picks, albeit with a slightly softer tone.
octopuscabbage (author)  MahavishnuMan8 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
Web-pages can search for connected cameras and pick-up the signal, if you could create one and get the user to look there... Or you configure the machine to provide the signal by IP address I think.

octopuscabbage (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Cool. thanks lem.
seandogue8 years ago
I suppose, but I'm gonna get parental and say Don't do it...In fact, this leet hacker crap that gets promotoed in Junior high is not a badge of coolness. It's a sign of immaturity and malbrained activity.  Just wait until your system gets hit and you have to reinstall the OS and 30 or 40 programs (AND get back to work so you can pay bills and eat food...) and I think you'll understand a bit better.
The other thing is, if they're like me, then you can turn on the camera all you like, but it won't show anything unless I flip the shield back, and you're not going to hack that by any means, regardless of whether you're a leet hacker or just a wannabee..

I made the mistake of ignoring a "Malicious website" warning a few weeks ago and ran into just that problem. Still recovering system 3 weeks later. It's really funny...until it happens to you.