Is it safe to mix ethyl alcohol, eucalyptus essence and 5%

 i decided to make a hand sanitizer with the following mixture:

ethyl alcohol (bought in the supermarket) -filled about 3/4 of a regular spray bottle

a few drops of eucalyptus essence (bought in a drugstore)

5% alc. vodka (drained after 2 weeks of soaking in it the orange and grapefruit rinds and lemongrass leaves)
inspired by the instructable on how to make a citrusy room and linen spray ,

few drops of glycerine.

i have learned from wiki about the benefits of the following and decided to mix them. I intend to give this to some good friends and i wanna make sure its really safe...

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lemonie6 years ago

Too much ethanol, it would be dangerously flammable for a start. Have more water if the oily-things will still be soluble.

Kiteman lemonie6 years ago
The stuff they use in hospitals smells highly flammable...
The stuff in hospitals is abusable apparently, which speaks of the ethanol content.
(Sorry - my first mental image was one of gowned patients shouting at boxes on walls...)
lemonie Kiteman6 years ago
And they're shouting "g-give me some more... y-fff-"

He he he !

It ain't necessarily ethanol, using Propanol has obvious advantages in that you don't have all the red-tape that comes with ethanol.
Gels are something I wouldn't know how to produce too easily.

That would be my next question. How DO you gellify alcohol ?
humblebug (author) 6 years ago
thanks for the comments...i used not pure ethyl alcohol...i think its 60%..i forgot whats on the label...