Is it safe to power a 9v=150mA (cordless phone) with a 9v 300mA adapter?

I have a Philips CD250DUO cordless phone that has no user's guide , and a GE Atlinks cordless phone that is powered by 9v i50mA i wonder if i could use my 9v 300mA adapter on the Philips brand and can anybody tell me if there is free download of user's guide for this device

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gmxx8 years ago
The adapters will work fine. Try or the phillips website for the manual
jovenhatsjr (author)  gmxx8 years ago
thanks a lot for the help ZEROGX it's been a pleasure will try manual shark .com
no problem
DarkVolt8 years ago
orksecurity8 years ago
If the connector is the same, and it's wired the same, and these are both DC supplies, this should work, The mA rating is the maximum that the adapter can supply, and drawing less should not be a problem. But be sure you know the answer to all those ifs before you try it.