Is it safe to use the 3v ac adapter

Is it safe to use the 3v ac adapter to power up a small electronic equipment witch operating with 4.5 volts batteries or will damage the device

iceng5 months ago

When you say ac, you mean a DC output adapter plugged into an ac source..

We do not know what the 'small electronic equipment' is, as Rick points out.

But these computer levels, a lower voltage means a lower energy being fed into a circuit capable of handling 66% more voltage..

YES, it is a safe to use a 3v DC output, ac input adapter..

iceng iceng5 months ago

But do not expect the circuit to work until you re-energize it with the three batteries.

steveastrouk5 months ago

AC ? Do you mean INPUT or OUTPUT

rickharris5 months ago

IF the adapter can provide enough current it might work Ok.

The voltage is a little low but it won't hurt the 4.5 volt device.

Adapters are very cheap now why not get the correct voltage (5 volts witht he right current or more will probably be Ok.

I say probably because I don't know what your trying to power.