Is it true if you wear copper or brass long enough, you will stop turning green??

It was said long ago to me that "Your body will become saturated and will no longer turn green if you wear copper long enough."

Is there any truth to this?


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Kiteman3 years ago


As your skin renews itself, the copper will stain the new layers.

onrust (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

As a plumber, I've had green palms for days from copper re-pipes. I hated gloves so my trade off was fluxed up green hands till it wore off.

i heard copper compounds tend to be toxic so i woundnt like to be saturated.

iceng3 years ago

As a teen I wore this in my high school years.

Made it with powdered glass melted in a desktop kiln.

It's a solid Cu pendant with a brass chain that was on my skin and it is not green.

I suspect wrist and fingers have differing acid and oils causing green skin colors.

In early microelectronic assembly by ladies we discovered bare hand manipulation destroyed un-passivated SCRs during certain days when the natural skin PH was high.

onrust (author)  iceng3 years ago

Nice. I notice your chain is the same color as mine. Its brass. As is my jewelry above. But, copper makes up the content for brass. I am of the opinion now that it depends on each persons Ph level. Only my ring will green when I'm sweating.

onrust (author)  onrust3 years ago

Actually, The 2 links holding that brass token are copper...... to my
disappointment. The rest of the chain is brass and very hard to find.
Its fire sprinkler cap chain. I find it only 5" at a time due to the
fact that it holds a cap that normally covers a fire hose thread end. The ring
is a 3/4" brass ferrule. They come in various sizes for compression
fittings normally onto copper pipe or onto nylon tubing (using a brass

Vyger3 years ago

I would think that you would have gotten a lot more elemental copper from things like water pipes and copper coated pennies. Copper is not toxic, exposure to it does not cause problems.

They use copper plated bits in horses mouths because the metal makes them slobber more so their mouths are more responsive to the bits.

onrust (author)  Vyger3 years ago

As a plumber, I've had green palms for days from copper re-pipes. I hated gloves.

As an above ground copper miner,copper plated bits and slobber, is as awesome factoid..........thanks

verence3 years ago

The answer is: YES!

While all the others say no, they are just not thinking long time enough!

If you wear the copper long enough, all of it will be oxidized away. Than nothing can get green any more! It's not that your body will be saturated (you would be dead at this point), the copper becomes desaturated.

iceng verence3 years ago

I guess four years is a very short time to wear copper :-)

verence iceng3 years ago

Who mentioned 4 years? I was thinking more in the time scale of 4 millennia.

iceng verence3 years ago

Ohhh .... my stardust will pass through a Green stage just on my bodily reserves by then.

It will not need any metallic adornment to accomplish the desired color.

Kiteman verence3 years ago


Whereas I can agree that copper jewellery can collect a coating (Patina) from your skin (largley grease from your body) it will always turn green if the raw copper is exposed say by friction or by cleaning. The green is copper acetate - verdigris - it is a result of the copper and acids in your sweat and the air around us. That;s why copper roofs are green.

The easiest way to prevent it is to coat the copper in a clear varnish - Nail varnish works. Or alternatlvy give the copper an alternative coating chemically that isn't reactive and then don't clean it.

rickharris3 years ago

Nope The green is copper oxide - as long as the copper can contact O2 it will go green and your skin will rub it off.

This is probably a proverb, but I will give a literal interpretation anyway.

While copper is a vital trace element for living things, being deficient in it does not lead to the condition you describe. The body also regulates its copper concentration very effectively, so it is unlikely that wearing copper jewelry would have any effect on your total copper content.